Beesnapp is a family-owned company with Søren as the idea man for the bee frame without wire – Wireless beekeeping.

The idea itself came many years ago, but in 2013, development began and the first prototype was tested.

The unique design has been created in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, plastics expert Martin Munkebo and designer Mathias Lerche, which has resulted in a beautiful, practical and strong design.

The frame is produced at a factory in Jutland, but the company is based on our farm at Køge on Zealand.

BeeSnapp is currently available in frame sizes 12×10 and Langstroth.
We are working to expand the range.

Søren Lyshøj

Idea man, Product Developer and Sales

Camilla Fougner

Cheering Choir and Administration

Linn lyshøj Fougner

Warehouse and parcel worker

Faithful companion